Talks, Panels & Workshops


Talks, Panels & Workshops

We organize bespoke corporate events with an ethical twist. You can rely on us to guarantee your employees shall leave feeling educated and inspired. Whether you want to inspire or educate your colleagues about ethics, sustainability or a plant-based lifestyle, Plant Based Events Co is here to make your life easier by planning this spectacular event for you.



You are in good hands with experienced specialists who shall help unite your company and provide a progressive event that is a little different…


Immerse your audience in a world of knowledge and inspiration with our Enlightening Speaker Series. We curate talks and presentations led by thought leaders, experts, and influencers who specialize in sustainability, health, and mindfulness. These engaging sessions cover a wide range of topics, from environmental conservation to personal well-being. Whether it's a motivational keynote or an informative panel discussion, our Speaker Series sparks meaningful conversations, encourages personal growth, and empowers your audience with actionable insights.


Elevate your brand's thought leadership with our Purposeful Panels & Thought Leadership Forums. We curate and host dynamic panel discussions featuring industry experts, influencers, and thought leaders. These forums provide a platform for in-depth exploration of critical issues related to sustainability, health, and mindfulness. Whether it's a conference panel or a virtual thought leadership series, our events showcase your brand as a leader in promoting conscious living. Engage with your target audience, foster meaningful conversations, and establish your brand as a trusted source of expertise in the realms of mindful living and sustainable practices.


Ignite personal and professional development with our Interactive Workshops for Transformation. These hands-on sessions provide a platform for skill-building, self-discovery, and experiential learning. Our expert facilitators guide participants through activities that promote mindfulness, sustainable practices, and holistic well-being. From mindfulness meditation workshops to eco-conscious lifestyle seminars, our workshops offer practical tools for positive change. These immersive experiences foster a sense of community and leave attendees equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead more sustainable and fulfilling lives.

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