Vegan Day Party


About Vegan Day Party

Why limit parties to the night when you can celebrate all day? Vegan Day Party attendees certainly don’t adhere to such restrictions. Prepare for an extraordinary experience where the sun never sets on good vibes, abundant vegan cuisine, and ethically-minded shopping.

Our Vegan Day Party has graced prestigious venues like The Dubai World Expo, as well as leaving its mark in South London, East London, and Norwich. And the journey doesn’t stop there – we’re currently on the cusp of securing venues in vibrant cities like Barcelona, Dublin, and Dubai.

As always, anticipate nothing short of excellence. Our event brings together the crème de la crème of vegan food vendors, a marketplace dedicated to ethical shopping, top-tier DJs, captivating entertainment, and so much more. Ready for a Sunday session with a vegan twist? Join us in redefining what a day party can be.


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