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Meet our Founder & C.E.O.
JP McCormack

For over half a decade, we’ve been the driving force behind championing small vegan businesses in the UK, and today, we proudly reintroduce ourselves as Earthly Events. Our journey has been marked by transformative events that have reshaped the industry, from enchanting night markets and weekend gatherings to lively parties, festivals, and dynamic partnerships with esteemed organizations. Our renewed focus centers on Sustainability, Health, and Mindfulness, reflecting our commitment to nurturing a thriving community and sowing the seeds of positive change. And we’re just warming up.

We take immense pride in curating extraordinary events that cater to renowned brands and organizations, forging impactful collaborations that amplify the influence of the vegan movement. Notable alliances include esteemed partners such as The Royal Parks, Quorn, Wicked Kitchen, Ofcom, Republic, and more. Together, we’ve woven unforgettable experiences that both inspire and celebrate the potential of a sustainable lifestyle.

Last autumn, we proudly partnered with The Royal Parks Half Marathon, curating the inaugural plant-based festival within Hyde Park’s heart. This monumental event attracted an enthusiastic crowd of over 40,000 individuals who converged to celebrate and explore the rich and diverse world of plant-based alternatives. It was an unequivocal triumph, not only showcasing the delectable flavors of the plant-based lifestyle but also underscoring the significance of sustainability and compassion in our everyday choices. Moreover, Portobello Vegan Night Market, part of Earthly Group, is still home to the UK’s official best vegan market, as awarded by VegFest

As we reminisce about the resounding success of this extraordinary endeavor, we’re bubbling with anticipation for what lies on the horizon in the upcoming autumn. We eagerly await fresh collaborations and ventures that will continue to propel the sustainable movement forward, ignite community engagement, and drive transformative change. Stay tuned for updates on our forthcoming projects as we endeavor to craft profound experiences that inspire a more sustainable and compassionate way of life.

Charlotte Evans (General Catering Manager, Ofcom)

JP was organised, collected and even calmed my nerves on the day as he had everything in hand. All in all, he created a wonderful event that was well received by everyone involved and has generated excellent feedback from my customers. A huge success and an amazing team to work with who I have no doubt I will partner with in the future. Thank you JP and all involved.
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