Weddings & Galas


Weddings & Galas

Celebrate your love story or special occasion with Earthly Events’ Luxury Sustainable weddings and galas. Our expert planners craft luxurious, eco-friendly weddings and galas that exude romance and sophistication. From enchanting venues to sustainable floral arrangements, we ensure that every detail reflects your unique style and commitment to the environment.


Impress your guests with Earthly Catering Elegance. Our catering service combines the artistry of exquisite cuisine with a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. Our culinary experts craft a menu tailored to your tastes, using locally sourced, organic ingredients and eco-friendly practices. From farm-to-table dining experiences to plant-based menus, we create meals that reflect your values and delight your guests' palates. Let Earthly Catering Elegance elevate your event with a taste of mindful living and unforgettable flavors.


Transform your wedding or gala into a masterpiece of sustainability and style with our Sustainable Venue & Production Magic service. We specialize in curating events that blend sophistication with eco-consciousness. Our team selects venues that are not only stunning but also environmentally responsible. From decor choices that minimize waste to energy-efficient lighting and eco-friendly transportation options, we ensure every aspect aligns with your vision and values. With Sustainable Venue & Production Magic, your event becomes an unforgettable celebration of mindful living.


Embark on the journey of a lifetime with our Ethical Honeymoon Adventures. We curate honeymoon experiences that offer both romance and a commitment to ethical travel. Whether you dream of exploring remote eco-resorts, embarking on wildlife conservation adventures, or indulging in sustainable luxury, we create a honeymoon that aligns with your values. Our honeymoons not only celebrate your love but also contribute to local communities and conservation efforts. Choose Ethical Honeymoon Adventures for a romantic getaway that reflects your commitment to a more compassionate and sustainable world.

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