Corporate Catering


Corporate Catering

At Earthly Events, we specialize in crafting unforgettable corporate dinners that transcend the ordinary. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, hosting clients, or simply strengthening team bonds, our meticulously curated dinners combine sustainability with culinary excellence, creating an atmosphere where connections flourish.


We listen to your unique requirements to make sure your sustainable catering experience shall be a success. And we guarantee there shall not be much chance of any leftovers.


Elevate your corporate gatherings to a new level of sophistication with our Corporate Catering and Staff Dinners & Ceremonies service. Whether you're hosting a formal staff dinner or celebrating milestones and achievements, we curate exceptional culinary experiences that mirror your company's ethos. Our expert chefs blend creativity and sustainability, crafting menus that showcase the finest in ethical and locally sourced ingredients. Our attentive staff ensures every detail is impeccable, leaving your team and guests with cherished memories of exquisite cuisine and a deep appreciation for your commitment to responsible dining.


Transform your workplace into a culinary haven with our Full Kitchen Takeovers. Bring the vibrancy of street food and diverse cuisines right to your corporate headquarters. We collaborate with the finest food traders, giving your employees a delightful break from the ordinary. Whether it's a Mexican fiesta, a gourmet burger feast, or a global culinary adventure, our kitchen takeovers infuse excitement into the workday. It's a unique way to boost morale, encourage social interactions, and inspire creativity while promoting sustainability through carefully sourced ingredients and eco-friendly practices.


Create a buzz at your corporate event with our Mini Sustainable Market for the Day. We curate a vibrant marketplace within your premises, featuring a curated selection of food traders, ethical shopping stalls, and more. It's an immersive experience that not only showcases the best in sustainable and eco-conscious products but also fosters a sense of community and well-being. Your employees and guests can explore a world of ethical choices, from artisanal products to eco-friendly fashion, all while savoring delicious and responsibly sourced treats. Elevate your event with a mini sustainable market, where conscious living takes center stage.

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