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The Hemp Pantry

This wonderful plant is the SuperFood of our generation and the amazing Hemp Pantry are leading the way with their fantastic products. From organic vegan butter, oils & seeds, to the tastiest fudge and the coolest gift bags and more, check out these Hemp Heroes.


Quality fashion apparel making a positive change in the world. As if their products aren’t stunning enough, for each product that is purchased they people in need. From luxurious organic heavy kipped hoodies, to soft-feel comfortable cross-neck pullover hoodies to keep you warm, check out their ethical apparel. 

About Us

Earthly is a multi-vendor marketplace created with our future in mind. We understand the urgency in which we need to act to make our world a better place, not only for us but for the future generations. Earthly is a platform that will not only allow you to buy ethical products and services but also a platform that will help educate millions about why ethics are so important.
Earthly Team - Earthly Ethical Marketplace 2022

Our Team

“We are a dedicated and passionate group of plant-based professionals who took it upon themselves to create the world’s most ethical marketplace. Earthly is a platform on which businesses of any size can sell and showcase their ethical and vegan products and services to a community that always has our world’s best interests at heart. Earthly is for the planet, for the people and for the animals.”

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