Woman Wellness Circle


A woman’s circle centred around health and wellbeing, a chance to connect and bring back your inner sparkle.

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Welcome to the Women Wellness circle, I wanted to create a safe affordable space for this starter circle to flourish. Then in turn nourish its participants in the three important stages of health & wellbeing that is caring for the body, mind and soul as one unit. A unit that if one is out of balance, it creates a domino effect of imbalance in the system. 


This circle will provide great benefits for females looking to give themselves the gift of personal growth and broaden their knowledge on how to care for themselves fully. Also if you struggle with painful menstrual cramps, digestive issues and anything that causes energetic lack within. This circle will provide supportive content, giving space for you to ask questions regarding your own health concerns, receive guidance and tips along the way. 


It is like the domino effect of imbalance, we can create a domino effect of balance which can result in improved health and wellbeing in areas we would have never expected. That’s what holistic health is body, mind and soul. You can start eating healthy but if your mind isn’t coping day to day it will not give you the support to maintain commitment and rhythm in making the changes. All three must join together and support each other’s progress. 


So, we will spend 8 weeks gently moving through the three stages, meeting once a week for an average of 2 hours. I will lead starting the session with an opening meditation, moving to the topic of the week and then 30 minutes of coaching. The space will be opened to share individually any health concerns, goals and questions you may have. Then we will set our goals for the week ahead and close the space with a meditation or exercise. An added bonus is the community aspect which opens up opportunities to make new connections along the way.


I will give a little breakdown of some of the content provided in the program below and then you can also get more of a feel for the journey.


Week 1 – Oriental medicine basics, understanding the governing energies of the universe, working with the yin/yang elements.


Week 2 – Understanding food as medicine, nutrition & herbs for women’s health, daily foods that support the body’s natural healing abilities.


Week 3 – Learning the language our body speaks and what is self love. 


Week 4 – Acid/Alkaline balance and routines that support this.


Week 5 – Body, mind & soul balance, supportive lifestyle habits and supporting our ecosystem analogy.


Week 6 – How to strengthen our energy body, what is raising your light quotation, how to cultivate and channel energy into our organs. 


Week 7 – Spiritual hygiene, connecting to our higher self, any angels and ascended masters that assist in your journey. 


Week 8 – Blessings exercise and grounding in our strengths & values. Finishing with more time to share and close the space.


If you feel ready to join a beautiful community of like minded women then please give us an email today and Nadia in the office would be happy to answer any questions you may have or if you are ready to book follow our booking system below. 


It is time to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, so we can live life to our highest potential and thrive day to day. I hope to meet you soon. 


The price for this circle at the moment is £15 per week, £60 per month.


This price will go up as we progress with more intakes. But for now it is at a discounted rate in exchange for a written testimonial at the end of the 8 weeks.


Start date : 12th April 2021



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