Sign- Isotonic remedy with plant based B12 & Magnesium


Citrus electrolyte and vitamin drink created to uplift and replenish your bodies natural resources.

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Sign is a citrus flavoured, uplifting, replenishing isotonic remedy with plant-based B12 and magnesium, Organic palmyra blossom nectar, and Himalayan salt. We have selected the purest of ingredients specifically chosen to protect against dehydration and fatigue as well as support your immune system and cognitive brain function.


Sign is perfect for before and after exercise, yoga or dance class, a recovery aid for the ‘morning after’ or as a general pick me up or even as a mindful mixer…no judgement here:)


Sign has been inspired by an ancient Ayurvedic recipe called Sole designed to restore, replenish, and reawaken your mind and body when you most need it.

With every sip of Sign, you will feel an instant connection to our spectacular natural world and the medicines she provides.


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