Organic Cashew Che*se – Mixed 4 Pack


Try all 4 of our 100% Organic Plant Based Che*ses

Ched*ar with Turmeric (30g)
Apricot with Baobab (30g)
Cranberry with Lucuma (30g)
Roquef*rt with Spirulina (30g)

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Che*dar with Turmeric 

One bite and you’ll see why our Che*dar with Turmeric flavor won a Great Taste Award. Made from organic cashews and a splash of turmeric, our smooth, creamy che’se is bursting with rich smoky notes reminiscent of Applewood Cheddar. Turmeric is a known source of the antioxidant curcumin and benefits the body by reducing inflammation, making it an excellent way to boost your immune system. Curcumin is a fat soluble compound, making it the perfect superfood for our Cashew Che*ses! This golden, gut friendly snack melts in the mouth and is the best enjoyed with a cup of coffee, with vegan dishes, dairy free pizza or on its own.

Apricot with Baobab 

Made from the finest organic cashews and honey sweet apricots with an exotic twist of citrusy African baobab fruit. Our smooth creamy che*se will leave you yearning for more. Our Apricot Che*se contains the exotic baobab fruit.  Native to Africa, the baobab tree produces large fruit that is enjoyed for its citrus-like flavor and nutrient content.  Baobab boasts high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin C and Potassium. Try it on your favourite salads, with a green tea, or as a healthy snack on the go.  Either way, your taste buds will thank you.

Cranberry with Lucuma 

Our mouth-watering cranberry che*se is the perfect blend of sweet and savoury. It has a sweet flavour of the fruity succulence of juicy cranberries with caramel undertones, thanks to Lucuma. Lucuma is well-known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and skin boosting attributes. This superfruit contains a rich source of nutrients including beta-carotene, vitamin B3, iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. We love this guilt free snack with a hot cacao, black tea, on crackers, or just on its own. If you’re feeling extra adventurous try warming the che*se up in the oven for a few minutes to enhance its delicious flavour and sweet aroma.

Roquef*rt with Spirulina

Our delicate Roquefort-style che*se with antioxidant-rich superfood spirulina has a creamy texture and a deep, tangy flavour. Spirulina is a special type of blue-green algae that contains a large amount of plant-based protein, iron and B vitamins. Our Roquef*rt Che*se contains Spirulina, a special blue-green algae that is classified as an antioxidant. It has a number of nutrients including beta-carotene, Iron and vitamin E.  It’s also one of the few plant based sources of B vitamins and complete proteins. This dairy-free snack of goodness works beautifully as a base for vegan mayonnaise, crumbled over salads or blended to create your own delicious plant-based dressing.

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