NHH Comprehensive Package


Within the comprehensive package is an opportunity for rejuvenation within the self. To detoxify your system and lead a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle. Putting you first and caring for the body, mind and soul.

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Welcome to my comprehensive package.


This service provides a deeper insight to your soul highlighting through Iridology any blocks or build up of toxins within the system that could possibly lead to future disease. Then with four holistic health sessions we are taken on a journey through the body, learning to understand its specific wants and needs to thrive. Understanding your own constitution and the ways you tend to burn out or cause imbalance and how we can support you with changes in lifestyle, diet, developing self awareness and a deeper sense of connection to self. I provide you also with a handwritten report, supporting you in the next stages once the coaching is complete. 


My purpose is to assist in the individuals journey back to their wholesome state of being. People come to me with a calling to align to their highest potential, to connect deeper to themselves, make a healthier way of living and understand their souls mission.


I get many clients who come to me with illnesses and disease. Some wish to create a healthier environment within themselves so the body can strengthen and build its army (cells) to take care of the fort (body). The strongest way to build the immune system is through the right diet, herbs and caring for our mental health. I have assisted people with diabetes, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, IBS, respiratory issues and cancer. If you have an imbalance in your system that is draining your life force in any way I can have an introduction call with you and see if one of my services would be beneficial to your journey. 


It is important to look at the three main aspects of self which are body, mind and soul. We must tend to all three to function in our healthiest existence. If we ignore one, we create imbalance and it is much harder to progress. 


Iridology & Holistic Health Coaching : How it works


Firstly I do an introduction session and get to know you, your background, any health concerns and what your goals are for our time together. 


Moving on to Iridology, the study of the iris. Brought to recognition in the 1800’s by a hungarian physician, it is making its way slowly into modern day health as a valuable tool. Our eyes truly are the window to our soul and the Iris links to certain organs around the body, allowing us to see the health of your kidneys from taking a picture of your eye. I can detect past, current and future disease that is building up within the system. 


Then what we learn from Iridology we take a deeper understanding of your own constitution into the next four coaching sessions.


A few training examples I draw from within the sessions are oriental medicine, nutrition, naturopathy, macrobiotic nutrition, acid/alkaline balancing, shadow work, personal development/spiritual coaching, healthy self talk/self love, ancient wisdoms and connecting to our higher self’s guidance. Everything I do is unique to the individual, one session is never the same as another and we are always working on a variety of different aspects to suit the needs & goals you have.  


Breakdown :


  • Initial health and nutritional consultation (1.5hours)

  • 1 x Iridology session (1 hour)

  • Follow up session

  • 4 x Holistic health coaching sessions (1 hour each)

  • Full personalized written report


The price for this package is £700


Please contact the office with any questions or book using our system below to start this exciting journey back to a more vibrant you.



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