Veganvibes 2 Scaled - Earthly Ethical Marketplace 2022

Through the eyes of the dj

By: DJ Deccy Jarrett @deccyjarrett
As a professional DJ and a vegan, I am particularly happy to play at vegan events. I have been lucky enough to be involved with many of these events over the course of 5 years being vegan and aiming for a more ethical lifestyle. It has been amazing to see how many more ethically focused events there are worldwide, in big cities, small towns and of course online. I believe that being in safe, positive spaces with others can create a deeper emotional connection to follow attendees and the movement. These connections can be remembered and reciprocated throughout our life activities. With this in mind, I am very happy to partner with Very Earthly for my DJ services to provide an extra ethical layer to your events.
Events have quite obviously played an important role in my own development as a vegan, and a person who considers themself increasingly ethical. After attending numerous street markets throughout London, I have been lucky enough to play at these events. These include Vegan Nights in Shoreditch, PlantBassLDN, Greenwich Market ‘Vegan Vibes’, and with Plant Based Events Co at Brixton Vegan Day Party and Portobello Vegan Market to name a few. Alongside the incredible growth of ethical lifestyles and the vegan movement; the offering of events with a conscious message are on the rise. Whether daytime markets, afternoon brunches or nighttime raves; the variety and inclusivity of ethical events have been instrumental in bringing communities together while attracting new attendees. The ethical party scene is a growing one; with vegan supper clubs and brunches (often running into the night), plant based parties, sober raves and daybreakers. ‘Conscious clubbing’ and inclusive events are instrumental in promoting the integration and ‘normality’ of ethically minded lifestyles. The eco-conscious and vegan movements are driven in part by the numerous markets, creators and traders who dedicate their time and talents to providing these options. Over the past year we have been starved of human interaction in likeminded safe spaces, and the need for ethical events has never been greater.
To show support for this sector, I stood alongside #WeMakeEvents demonstrations at Westminster to demand support for the entertainment and events industry; which I’m sure all of us hope make a speedy, successful return. In the near future, I predict less ‘bar-hopping’ and more immersive experiences in one venue; where you can go for a sit-down meal at 7/8pm, have entertainment throughout and party until the early morning hours. This is in part due to restrictions being placed on venues such as limiting numbers; therefore people will pre-book rather than chance it and risk waiting in queues. Also I predict people will be more inclined to go to outdoor events, with the ‘fresher air’ factor playing a part. In any case, the industry will have to adapt, where conscious clubbing and ethical events will be in the conversation more than they ever have been, and I cannot wait to get back out there, play some beautiful music and keep the ethical movement dancing. Deccy Jarrett

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